Team Call 2016-08-31

August 31, 2016
Meet Lisa Washington and Johnathon and Robert Patzwald
This week:
" Family First ! " ~ A Medical Device sales professional and a father and son Master of Education Teaching duo ~ This week's guests shared their life-changing, healthy energy and performance discovery from wife to husband and son to father ~ then went out to change the world.

Meet Lisa Washington and Johnathon and Robert Patzwald
Lisa Washington didn't need any convincing about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. As a Medical Device Sales Professional, she had spent over 20 years selling devices for patients who were truly the sickest of the sick.

When they were introduced to Isagenix by Shauna Ekstrom and Scott Peterson, both Lisa and her husband Dan were intrigued. Not only had Shauna shed a considerable amount of weight, her Isagenix business had taken her from hairdresser to Isa-Millionaire.

Although Lisa was still a little skeptical, the Isagenix products fit simply and conveniently into her busy schedule of traveling and entertaining. Plus, she didn't have to figure out what to take, when and how much ~ the complete Isagenix nutrition program came right to her door, ready to use.

The results spoke for themselves. Following the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System, Lisa shed 18 pounds and her husband Dan shed 15 pounds. Unlike other systems they had tried, this time the weight stayed off. With their new-found energy, the couple have even become serious long-distance bicyclists!

It was Dan who first suggested taking a look at the Isagenix Business Opportunity. Although they were financially comfortable, Isagenix was the perfect opportunity to build a residual retirement income.

As they shared Isagenix with family and friends, their Team grew and so did their retirement income stream.

"Together, we are now making a full-time teacher's salary working part time and we continue to be excited that our team grows so consistently with our effort. We are committed to helping as many people as possible by taking our Isagenix business to the top! "

One of the people helped by their effort is Team member Johnathon Patzwald.
Johnathon's story starts with his wife. As a budding professional horse trainer, she was looking for a convenient way to get the extra nutrition she needed in her new career. Her fellow horse lover and life-long friend Lisa, told her she just had to try Isagenix.

When his wife signed up for her Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Johnathon was 'encouraged' to try it as well.

Between teaching, coaching and attending Master's classes, quick meals and junk food had become Johnathon's go-to diet. As he started replacing his usual fast food with Isagenix, he began noticing a few changes.

"My 'Aha!' moment came when I realized my pants were starting to sag like my students' and all of a sudden I was starting to get my sexy hip lines back!"

Following the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Johnathon went on to release 15 pounds and couldn't get over how much his energy and performance increased while his junk-food cravings disappeared. He was now leaner and trimmer than he had been as a competitive swimmer in college, 11 years before ~ without working out nearly as much!

Johnathon's Isagenix business journey started when he attended the 2015 Isagenix Celebration. Inspired by the team spirit, company vision and the health and wealth transformations he saw, he began actively sharing the Isagenix products with others ~ building his own Isagenix Team.

"As a result of sharing these awesome nutritional foods with friends and family, my wife and I have started to develop a new income stream. Income that we are counting on, as we are expecting our first child in January. It really is a win win situation!"

One of the first that he shared with is his father and fellow teacher, Robert Patzwald.
Robert and his wife Sandy had always been supportive parents. So, when their son Johnathon told them he had a 'crazy' idea, they sat and listened patiently.

Johnathon's idea was to retire from his teaching career in 2-3 years. Of course, as loving parents, they said "Okay, how do we help you?".

The answer came quickly, "I want you and Mom to sign up for the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program. Get the same amazing results that I did, and then turn around and share it with everyone you know."

To himself, Robert thought "I tried network marketing three times before and crashed and burned gloriously with each attempt. I really do not want to do this!"

But, after thinking about it for all of 2 seconds, he simply smiled and said "Okay Johnathon. Where do we begin?"

The results from Robert's Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program shattered all his doubts and pre-conceptions. By the time he met Lisa for himself at an Isa-University in Chicago in May, Robert had released 40 pounds and dropped several pant sizes. What's more, he and Sandy had started sharing the Isagenix benefits with others and had already started cycling.

When he told Lisa about his goal to grow his Team and cycle weekly, she and Dan jumped in to help. A few weeks later they flew in to help Robert, Sandy and Johnathon host their own Isagenix launch party.

"To Sandy and I, their flying in on a Friday night just to help out, exemplified the Isagenix Team concept of helping each other to succeed. At Celebration a few weeks ago, I was able to see this concept in action as part of the culture of Isagenix and that really impressed me."

"We are now sharing Isagenix, building our Team and rarely miss a week cycling. Thank you Johnathon, Lisa, Dan and the rest of the Isagenix family for this happy ending."
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