Team Call 2017-04-12

April 12, 2017
Meet Linda Roth and Lisa and Ardie Aldrich
This week: Building a Bright Future !
A School District Buyer, an Insurance Professional and a CPA and Financial Professional ~ This week's guests are long-time friends who discovered a new healthy lifestyle and are building their retirement future by sharing it with others.
Meet Linda Roth and Lisa and Ardie Aldrich
Overweight, fatigued and frustrated! At 60, Linda was certain that this was just the way things were going to be.

When she and her husband were introduced to Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing by their friend Lisa Washington, they were skeptical at first.

It was the 30-day money-back guarantee that made it easy to say yes. They both signed up for their first Isagenix Cleansing and Weight Loss Program and started their new healthy lifestyle.

To their delight, Linda shed 25 pounds ~ with no exercise ~ and her husband Chuck shed 32 pounds and 34 inches in a short period of time. In fact, Chuck had so much newfound energy that he even began running 7 miles, 3 times a week on his lunch hour!

The amazing way they now felt and looked made it easy to share their Isagenix discovery with those around them and begin building their Isagenix business.

"This coming June, I'm retiring early because of the generous Isagenix income we've built and my supportive husband. I am so excited to help people become healthier on a full time basis with Isagenix!" says Linda.

One couple that Linda has helped to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and build their own financial freedom is Lisa and Ardie Aldrich.
When Lisa looked in the mirror, the person she saw there didn't look anything like her.

As she entered her 50's the weight had begun creeping up. She had gotten "thick" around the middle and had taken to wearing baggy clothes to hide her expanding waistline.

She was frustrated with trying different diets that had only minimal results and was searching for a better solution.

When her friend Linda began sending emails about the amazing system she had found, Lisa too was skeptical at first. The second time Linda sent an invitation to a 'Tasting Event', Lisa grabbed her husband Ardie and they both went to check it out.

Once they began their own Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Programs, the results came quickly.

"I started to feel more energy. My brain fog lifted too, even though I had accepted that having trouble remembering was just normal for 'someone my age'. Within a short period of time the inches started coming off and I got my waist back!" says Lisa.

Her husband Ardie's results were even more impressive.
"Lose 50 pounds or die!", was what Ardie's doctor had advised him.

Over the next 15 years Ardie tried every diet, treatment and supplement he could find ~ but nothing seemed to give him lasting results.

It was seeing Linda and Chuck's fantastic Isagenix transformations that got his attention and gave him new hope.

After following his Isagenix Program, when Ardie went for his next physical exam he found that his new healthy Isagenix lifestyle had paid off. "I had lost 30 pounds and passed my tests for the first time in 15 years!"

Six months later ~ still maintaining his Isagenix Program ~ he passed his tests for the second time. When he re-applied for his life insurance, his risk had dropped so much that he saved $2,000 a year in premiums!

"It's now been 3.5 years since we started our Isagenix journey and I'm still maintaining and passing my tests. At almost 58, I have more energy, better health and feel much better than I did in my 40's. We are sold on Isagenix for life!"

As a CPA and Financial Manager, Ardie knows the benefits of retirement planning. The residual Isagenix income he and Lisa now enjoy as they share Isagenix and build their Team are helping them catch up on their retirement goals ~ while living healthy to be able to enjoy it.

"Lisa and I love helping others. I could not help but share what these amazing products had done for me. Isagenix is another tool in our tool belt for changing lives."
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