Team Call 2018-01-31

January 31, 2018
Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Sue Maroney
This week: Commit to Success !
An Accountant turned IsaMillionaire and a former Teacher now a 6-Figure Club Member ~ This week's guests were ready ~ ready for change, ready to do the work and committed to accomplish their health and wealth goals.
Meet Dawn Ferrentino and Sue Maroney
Fatigue, extra weight and low energy ~ like many, Dawn knew she needed a change but wasn't sure where to turn.

She watched for months on Facebook as a long-time friend ~ Isagenix Super Star Alexis Romano ~ posted amazing Nutritional Cleansing results.

Dawn was intrigued ~ but it all sounded just too good to be true!

Finally, in June of 2012, ready for a solution and ~ above all ~ ready to commit 100%, Dawn signed up for her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program.

Within a few weeks she noticed her energy was way up and the extra weight was dropping off. No more afternoon naps just to make it through the day!

As she went on to shed 20 pounds and glowed with new-found vitality, everyone kept asking her how she did it ~ and where could they get the Isagenix products for themselves?

Having seen the health results and now the business potential for herself, Dawn set to work. Despite working two jobs as a busy Accountant and caring for her two sons, Dawn still found the time and energy to build her Isagenix business.

With hard work, dedication, commitment and a lot of sharing, she is now a Top Isagenix Leader and Isa-Millionaire. Dawn has retired from her 27-year accounting career ~ and 'retired' her husband as well ~ to live the life she and her family truly deserve.

"It is my mission to share this with everyone I get to know and everyone I haven't even met yet, so they too can enjoy the things that matter most in life ~ family."
says Dawn.

One Team member who is also 100% committed to her mission is Sue Maroney.
As she entered her 50's, Sue certainly didn't feel like she was aging gracefully.

Working full-time as a teacher and part-time wherever she could ~ just to make ends meet ~ was wearing her down.

Stressed, overweight and exhausted, she was uncomfortable with both how she looked and how she felt.

When a friend introduced her to Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing, Sue was ready. Within a short period of time she began to feel like herself again ~ energetic, focused and calm ~ and the pounds started melting away.

35 pounds later, Sue was a new woman. Best of all, today ~ 5 years later ~ she has been able to maintain both her weight loss and the energy, focus and vitality she gained!

Of course, Sue began sharing her Isagenix discovery with everyone she met. As she committed to growing her Isagenix Business and her Residual Income, she was able to give up her side jobs and eventually her teaching job as well.

"Seriously ~ what could be better than that? I was staying healthy, aging more gracefully, helping others get healthy, making money on my terms and creating more time to spend with my family!" says Sue.

Now a member of the Isagenix 6-Figure Earner Club, Sue continues to build her Isagenix Team while helping others find the same healthy lifestyle and time freedom the she enjoys today.

"It still completely amazes me and humbles me to know that I can help others while creating the life my family and I deserve !"
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