Team Call 2017-03-29

March 29, 2017
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Helen Leggett
This week: Sharing Solutions !
An Electrophysiology Nurse and a Salon Owner ~ Our guests this week found their solution for energy, better sleep and a healthy lifestyle ~ and are now helping others start their own journey to health and prosperity !
Meet Bonnie Mellos and Helen Leggett
Bonnie Mellos is a very busy lady ~ Electrophysiology Nurse in a Cardiology practice, volunteer for a local non-profit, wife and mother to two daughters.

As she turned 50, Bonnie began noticing her energy level dropping and a loss in muscle tone. It was time she thought, to start doing more about her family's nutrition.

She and her daughters were all rushing off in the morning without breakfast. Her husband worked out, but the protein shakes he used were causing him stomach problems.

When a friend introduced her to the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, it seemed like a solution for Bonnie's entire family.

As they began following the Isagenix System, Bonnie first noticed the amazing changes in her energy, stress levels, sleep quality, mental clarity and focus. She and her husband Alex both went on to shed excess pounds ~ and of course Alex's stomach issues disappeared.

Although people began commenting on how healthy they looked and asking what they were doing, Bonnie was still reluctant to share her Isagenix discovery.

That changed completely when she and her daughters attended Isagenix Celebration in Las Vegas last August. The Product and Business testimonials about achieving physical and financial freedom, the emphasis on personal development, setting goals, helping others and team work ~ all had a huge impact on both Bonnie and her daughters.

"Isagenix is the real deal! The quality of the products is amazing. The compensation plan is one of the best in the industry. They provide all the tools you need to be successful ~ you just need to have the determination, drive, and commitment to work hard for your success."

Bonnie's new favorite thing is sharing Isagenix. "It is truly as simple as 'Eat it ~ Love it ~ Share it'. Once you start using the Isagenix product line you can't help but love it. Sharing comes naturally ~ especially when we are passionate about what we are sharing."

"I am building my Team and look forward to helping them build their businesses. It is not all about the money ~ it is about helping others feel better, look better and live better."

One Team Member who has also found solutions in Isagenix is Helen Leggett.
Do you say 'thank you' to a friend who buys you a weight loss system?

"Absolutely !", says Helen.

30 years of working long hours as first a Stylist, then a Salon owner ~ caring for 4 children ~ charity work and continuing education ~ there had just never been time for Helen to take care of herself.

She had struggled with her weight for years but never seemed to find a solution she could stick with. When her friend Bonnie bought her her first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program, Helen knew Bonnie was sincerely concerned about her health ~ but still Helen just wasn't quite ready to commit.

When Bonnie started looking healthier and healthier, Helen asked her what she was doing. "Isagenix, of course!", replied Bonnie "You know, that Program I bought you that you shoved in the corner?"

She couldn't argue with the evidence in front of her. So, Helen started on her own Isagenix Journey. Slowly at first ~ then Bonnie invited her to the Isagenix NYKO in January. "That is where everything clicked! It truly was life changing!" says Helen.

"All the speakers ~ no matter what size, shape, sex or age ~ LOOKED AMAZING! They were happy, sincere, humble, and filled with conviction ~ which to me was so inspiring. I was so motivated that I signed up for the IsaBody Challenge."

Fourteen pounds lighter, a considerable number of inches smaller, happy, energetic and feeling fabulous ~ Helen is now filled with her own conviction.

"Now that people can see the changes in me, I've been able to help others start their own Isagenix journey to a healthy profitable lifestyle. I've helped make people beautiful on the outside for over 30 years ~ now my journey is to help them get beautiful on the inside."
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