Team Call 2018-04-25

April 25, 2018
Meet Jill Boeing and Randy Williams
This week: Flipping Your Energy Switch !
A former Hair Stylist and a Senior Electrical Engineer ~ our guests found the Products and Program that helped flip their energy switch back on and brought them to a healthy, active lifestyle with the energy and passion to accomplish their goals.
Meet Jill Boeing and Randy Williams
At only 44, Jill lived with constant, daily pain ~ the result of several horseback riding accidents and the general wear and tear of 17 years as a hair stylist.

Normally active and athletic, Jill's injuries now prevented any high-impact activity. She struggled to get through her workouts ~ fighting fatigue and discomfort ~ all without seeing the results she hoped for.

As the physical, emotional and financial stress built up, it became more and more difficult to maintain a positive mindset and attitude.

A Facebook friend suggestion from a high-school friend ~ Tammy Mikrut ~ was Jill's turning point. Jill was intrigued as she read through the posts about Nutritional Cleansing. She reached out to her friend and started her own Isagenix Journey.

The first transformation she noticed was in her general well-being, energy and focus. "I felt like a switch had been flipped. I felt really good ~ full of energy and like I was coming out of a fog... truly life changing!"

"I was able to start training harder and focus more throughout my workouts. Once I tried the Isagenix Amped line, it was game on!!! I use the Amped products every day and absolutely love them."

Jill's transformation has been more than physical. Following the Isagenix Healthy Mind and Body Program and joining the IsaBody Challenge ~ now on her 5th Challenge ~ have also had an impact.

"The Isagenix Program has changed my mindset, which in turn is helping me change my body. I am now positive and optimistic. I have truly identified my WHY ~ to impact as many people as I can by helping others to transform their lives!"

One of those whose lives Jill has impacted is Randy Williams.
Randy's motivation to commit to a healthy lifestyle was simple.

He wanted to be able to keep up and enjoy more activities with his 10-year old daughter.

His 245 pound Buddha physique made running, biking ~ and even walking ~ tiring. Following Jill's transformation on facebook was his inspiration to make a change.

There were a few roadblocks to starting his own transformation. "At first, I struggled with the cost of the Isagenix products, but it ended up not being any different than the cost of eating stuff that wasn't healthy. The bonus is that you feel great having proper nutrition!"

Once he started his Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing and Weight Management Program, Randy noticed the changes. With renewed energy he began daily walks at lunch time. Then walking and jogging while his daughter rode her bike.

"One day she wanted to race. I ran like I was 17 and I won! I was so thrilled and had no sore muscles thanks to these amazing Isagenix Products."

With Jill's encouragement and motivation, Randy set and met his initial goals ~ shedding 40 pounds and reducing insurance costs by dropping below a 40" waist.

"Jill would say it's a mind set ~ you have to really want it. I did want it and my life started to change as the weight started to drop."

Randy has new goals now ~ including sharing Isagenix and helping others the way Jill helped him.

"It has been a year since I started my Isagenix Journey ~ reaching and maintaining this new healthier me. I have new goals that I'll continue to work at it ~ and thanks to Isagenix I know I'll get there soon!"
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