Team Call 2019-04-02

April 2, 2019
Beyond Teamwork ~ IsaFriendship Extraordinaire!
Meet Pete Kaufmann and Heidi Poche
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This week:
Beyond Teamwork ~ IsaFriendship Extraordinaire!
Our two Isa-Entrepreneurs ~ a professional Musician and a former Decorative Painter and Designer ~ show how the warmth and support of our Isagenix Family reaches beyond Teams and joins all of us together as Isa-Friends helping Isa-Friends.
Meet Pete Kaufmann and Heidi Poche
Pete Kaufmann would never have believed how much his life could change in just 5 short years.

Making a living as a professional drummer was tough. He and his wife Wendy never thought they would be able to live their dream of packing up and moving from New Jersey to their favorite city ~ New Orleans.

All that changed when Pete and Wendy were introduced to Isagenix. Not only did they shed their excess weight, they built a thriving Isagenix business and a growing Team. Two years ago they were able to buy their dream home.

"Once our Isagenix business was strong enough, we made the leap to New Orleans. This business has allowed me total financial and artistic freedom. I play music as much as I want, without having to worry about income. I LOVE THAT."
After arriving in New Orleans, Pete was surprised to get a Facebook friend request from Heidi Poche, a local IsaMillionaire. From his experience in the traditional business world, Pete was sure she would see him as competition ~ someone moving in on her territory.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

"When we met, I couldn't believe how cool and funny she was! She was so down to earth and humble. I had totally misread her. She's been one of our closest friends in Isagenix and in New Orleans! "

Since then, Pete and Wendy have enjoyed spending time with Heidi and her family, both in New Orleans and at this year's Isagenix New Year Kickoff.

"Wendy and I feel truly blessed to part of such an incredible culture in Isagenix. Where else can you find a group of people in the same company that want you to win in life and business, whether you're financially connected or not?"
Heidi Poche was introduced to Isagenix by her mom (Shauna Ekstrom) prior to 2005. It wasn't until 2006 though, that Heidi decided to take the plunge and try a complete Isagenix Cleansing and Weight Loss Program for herself.

Heidi soon went from an exhausted business owner and mother of 3 daughters under 4, to feeling like someone had turned the lights on. She shed her baby weight and kept going from there.

Since she was sure she would be using these amazing Isagenix products forever, she thought it would be great to get them for free ~ so she went to work!

After 4 years, Heidi's Isagenix income replaced that of her former profession of decorative painting and design.

"My daughters don't really remember a time that I haven't had a flexible schedule. They also benefit from the personal development in our profession. They KNOW work doesn't have to be drudgery."
When she first learned that Pete had moved to New Orleans, Heidi was curious to meet him. She soon learned that they had much in common.

"Neither one of us comes from a Network Marketing background. We are both creatives. New Orleans is a small big city ~ we would have become friends even if we weren't in Isagenix."

Heidi found that she had gained two new friends in Pete and Wendy, and new insight on how to be more consistent in her business from Pete.

"It would certainly be awesome to be on the same Team, but that's not always how it works. If your passion is to attract good people who want more for themselves and others into your life, then shouldn't that be your goal?

We now have two more people in the world looking out for each other. Sounds pretty great to me!"
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