Team Call 2019-05-07

May 7, 2019
Q & A Panel with SuperStar Jimmy Smith !
Learn From the Master
Jimmy Smith
This week:
Q & A Panel with SuperStar Jimmy Smith !
To get to the top of the mountain you must climb there.
It takes effort but the view is incredible. ... Jimmy Smith
Come Share Jimmy's Vision
There are two facts most people in Isagenix already know about Jimmy Smith. One, he used to be a butcher. Two, he's an Isagenix millionaire.

In 2002, at the age of 74 and after several years in the industry, Jimmy joined Isagenix. It was the company Jimmy was looking for. "It is a perfect 10!", states Jimmy. The products work. Its Founder and Co-Founders had business and network marketing experience ~ and have a desire to help others succeed both physically and financially.

The Isagenix compensation plan is what really impressed Jimmy. It allowed him to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams of owning a family business.

As a result of Jimmy's Vision and industry leadership, he has been able to guide his Team to become one of the top income earning Teams in the Network Marketing Industry.

Now, at 91 years young, this vision is what Jimmy is out there sharing freely, in order to build what he knows will be his legacy to his family, friends and Isagenix.
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