Team Call 2015-07-08

July 8, 2015
Meet Peter Kaufmann, Wendy Kaufmann and Stephanie Bryant.
This week:
" Healthy Vitality Builds Success" ~ Success takes hard work ~ in order to do that work you need energy and focus. Our guests this week found their healthy vitality in Isagenix and went on to pursue their passion.

Meet Peter Kaufmann, Wendy Kaufmann and Stephanie Bryant..
Peter had always been a health and fitness buff ~ but somehow he never felt quite as good as he thought he should. The products he took to boost his workouts left him feeling bloated, tired and lethargic instead.

Peter's search for a chemical-free, safe alternative ended when his friend Barry introduced him to Isagenix. By the end of his 30-Day Isagenix Program Peter had shed 30 pounds. Even better, the bloated feeling was gone and his energy skyrocketed ~ all without any chemicals or stimulants!

Unlike any other program Peter had tried, the health and vitality benefits continued afterwards ~ on just a simple Isagenix Maintenance Program. In fact, Peter has shed another 11 pounds ~ dropping to a lean 146 lbs. Now in the best shape of his life, he devotes his new-found energy to building his Isagenix business.

"Isagenix has not only transformed our health, but our WEALTH. This is hands down THE greatest business opportunity we’ve EVER been a part of. Such an incredible company with amazing life-changing products!"
Peter's wife Wendy had also been active and fit all her life. Then, in 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The surgeries, radiation and chemotherapies were successful ~ but afterwards she began to gain weight. The pounds continued to accumulate no matter how healthy she ate or how much she exercised.

Frustrated and miserable, Wendy was ready when Peter suggested they try the Isagenix Program. Within the first two weeks Wendy felt amazing ~ her energy and positive mood were back! By the end of her 30-Day Program, she had shed 17 lbs and 25 inches. In love with the products and the convenience of their new lifestyle, Wendy still follows the Isagenix Maintenance Program ~ shedding yet another 15 lbs over the past year.

As Wendy and Peter shared their Isagenix discovery with friends and family, their Isagenix Business and their Team naturally grew. Exactly one year after the couple started their Isagenix journey, Wendy retired from her corporate job to focus on her Isagenix passion. " I am now working from home ~ or from anywhere we choose ~ with my husband. I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity that has completely changed our lives physically, financially & spiritually."

One of the Team Members inspired by Peter and Wendy's passionate energy is Stephanie Bryant.
Two young children, living paycheck to paycheck and an unsatisfying corporate job had taken their toll on Stephanie. She was living in a body she didn't recognize, constantly exhausted and totally frustrated.

5 days after starting her 30-Day Isagenix Program all that began to turn around. First her energy and focus came back, then the weight started coming off. Seven inches off her waist later, "I was able to hug my husband and my stomach wasn’t in the way. That was all the validation I needed."

Even though friends constantly asked how she had lost the weight, Stephanie still had to be convinced to look at the Isagenix business opportunity. After attending Team meetings and training calls, she scraped together enough money to attend Isagenix Celebration in San Diego. The light finally went on!

Back at home, Stephanie exploded into action. Following the simple systems laid out by her Team, she built a solid foundation for her Isagenix Business. Success followed action and for the first time in her marriage she wasn't using credit cards to pay her bills. In May of this year, Stephanie left her corporate job to devote herself full-time to her thriving new Isagenix business.

Stephanie's advice? ~ "What do you want in life? Close your eyes, take a breath and imagine it's possible. The choice is yours whether or not you are going to do the action required to be successful in life and in this amazing company. The only thing holding you back from achieving your dreams is you."
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