Team Call 2015-12-09

December 9, 2015
Meet Peter Kaufmann, Alexia Neonakis, Lissa Welles and Gabby Creery.
This week:
" Success is Contagious ! " ~ This week's guests just can't keep their success to themselves. Each of them is dedicated to spreading the gifts of better health and financial freedom to everyone they meet.

Meet Peter Kaufmann, Alexia Neonakis, Lissa Welles and Gabby Creery.
Peter had always been a health and fitness buff ~ but the products he took to boost his workouts left him feeling bloated, tired and lethargic instead.

His search for a chemical-free, safe alternative ended when his friend Barry introduced him to Isagenix. By the end of his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System, Peter had shed 30 pounds. Even better, the bloated feeling was gone and his energy skyrocketed ~ all without any harmful chemicals or stimulants!

Unlike any other program he had tried, the health and vitality benefits continued afterwards ~ on just a simple Isagenix Maintenance Program. In fact, Peter has shed another 11 pounds ~ dropping to a lean 146 lbs. Now in the best shape of his life, he devotes his new-found energy to building his Isagenix Team ~ sharing his discovery with friends and family.

"Isagenix has not only transformed our health, but our WEALTH. This is hands down THE greatest business opportunity I've EVER experienced. Such an incredible company with amazing life-changing products!"

One of those who caught Pete's enthusiasm is Alexia Neonakis ~ aka "Lexie".
As a certified Ayurveda and yoga practitioner, Alexia knew that her lifestyle and health were way out of balance. Between stress, fatigue and overwork, she was now a tired, cranky, busy Mom carrying an extra 20 pounds that seemed impossible to lose.

Facebook posts by an old high school friend ~ Pete Kaufmann ~ about his amazing Nutritional Cleansing results piqued Alexia's curiosity. She sent the Isagenix ingredient lists to experts she trusted ~ registered nurses, Ayurvedic practitioners and herbalists. All were blown away. Here were the Ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, minerals and pure nutrition she had been missing!

Two weeks passed while Alexia researched and thought about Isagenix. Then she tried putting on her skinny jeans ~ they immediately ripped at the seams! That was her sign, she ordered her Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program that same day.

By day 3, Alexia could feel the change starting. Then her energy came back. Aches and body discomforts disappeared and the extra pounds seemed to shed themselves. She slept better and woke up happy! The difference was so incredible, it inspired her husband to start his own Isagenix Program ~ who then enjoyed similar great results!

"I feel so great that I now offer the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing System to my clients. The first week, 6 people signed up! So far I have almost doubled my personal income and I know that Isagenix will be the way to both health and financial freedom for my family." says Alexia.
Lissa Welles (left) and Gabby Creery (right) are two friends whose lives were also changed by Pete's facebook posts and his contagious Isagenix enthusiasm.

Lissa had always thought of herself as healthy. Over the years though, she had grown used to gaining 10-12 pounds each winter and then fighting to lose them each spring. This year the extra pounds just refused to go! Worse, now she needed 3 cups of coffee in the afternoon just to stay awake!

Seeing Pete's cleansing posts, she thought a reset was just what her body needed. She signed up for a 30-Day Isagenix Program with no intention of going any further.

It was 7 days later that she realized what a low-energy life she had been living. Suddenly she had energy to spare! After her first 30-Day Isagenix Program she felt so good she ordered another. 25 pounds later, she could finally fit into that cute size 10 sun dress she had bought years before. "If all it took was a morning shake and a shot of Ionix to keep me looking and feeling this good, then I was sold to keep that up forever! "

Lissa had sworn never to get involved in another network marketing business. This time though, the Isagenix Products, Systems and results were so good that she just had to share them with her friends ~ and it worked!

"I am so grateful to have found a path that is aligned with my passion for helping people get healthy and empowering them to be their best selves. I have been slowly and steadily building my Isagenix business to the point where it has now been paying my mortgage for the past 8 months."
Lissa's friend Gabby was the person she thought could most benefit from Isagenix.

Gabby was very ill at the time ~ anemic, hypoglycemic and low blood pressure. With 4 children and multiple businesses, her energy was non-existent and she struggled to make it through her day ~ every day!

No matter what Lissa said about Isagenix, Gabby kept saying no. Having suffered from anorexia and bulimia in high school and college, Gabby was secretly terrified of anything to do with diets or cleanses.

Finally, it was seeing Lissa's new-found boundless energy and zest for life that convinced Gabby to give the Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse a try. Soon after starting her Isagenix Program, Gabby found her own abundant energy and well-being.

"After my first 30 days I became a walking Isagenix billboard. I was absolutely, whole heartedly in love with the Isagenix products and everyone wanted to know what I was doing."

Although once again Gabby needed a little "push" from Lissa, the Isagenix business opportunity could not have come at a better time. Gabby and her family were in serious financial shape. Even working several jobs each, she and her husband could not catch up.

With the love and support of her Isagenix Team, Gabby now has a new Vision and the means to accomplish her Dreams. "With Isagenix - you have this wonderful safety net. You simply share something that has helped you and help others do the same."

"I think the only gift greater than giving someone like me their health back, is giving someone their self back. I am happy to share this gift. I know it is changing lives. It has changed mine."
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