Team Call 2016-03-02

March 2, 2016
Meet Francis Mangubat and Brandon Witt.
This week:
" Following a New Path '" ~ Doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for better results never works out. This week's guests struck out on a new path and found the health and financial success they had been searching for.

Meet Francis Mangubat and Brandon Witt.

As a college student majoring in finance and accounting, Francis was no stranger to hard work and sacrifice.

Even after graduation, his future was likely to be more years of working long hours just to pay off his student loans.

Meanwhile, he was living the life of a broke college student ~ working a low-paying summer job and surviving the school year on ramen noodles and pizza slices. Although he tried to exercise, his bankrupt diet left him with little energy for the gym.

Determined to pursue both financial success and personal freedom, Francis turned to what he knew was the industry of the future ~ network marketing. After meeting Isagenix Millionaire Alexis Romano at a personal development event, he reached out to her on Facebook.

The Isagenix products and opportunity ~ along with the mentoring of Alexis' amazing Team of professionals ~ were exactly what he was looking for. He signed up for his first 30-Day Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program and committed himself to a new future.

Today this focused young entrepreneur has built his own amazing Isagenix Team of like-minded young people and achieved an Isagenix 2-Star rank ~ all while working hard to complete his senior year.

"I am now in the best health of my life. Having relentless energy ~ and abs for the very first time ever ~ is fantastic. Financially, during my college years I have been able to build a business with the best of my friends and experience financial freedom. All thanks to Isagenix and the amazing nutrition this super food system provides."

One of Francis' Team members who has also met with new success is Brandon Witt.

A graduate engineer working in Regulatory Compliance and training 5 times a week in the gym, Brandon was also leading a busy life.

As a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 2, he was used to paying close attention to his diet. But no matter how much he watched his macros or how hard he trained, he just couldn't break through his 10% body fat plateau. When his college buddy Francis began posting amazing Nutritional Cleansing results on Facebook, Brandon was intrigued.

He had tried network marketing in the past ~ but with no system, team, organizational structure or training he had never been successful. Isagenix proved to be very different. By the end of his first Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program Brandon had crashed through his barriers ~ shedding 10 pounds and 3% body fat.

What amazed him most was that even though he was losing weight ~ his training performance didn't suffer! That cycle of gaining weight in the winter and losing performance, then training harder to get ready for summer was gone forever. "Even though I was 10 pounds lighter, I was not lifting less weight in the gym and I looked amazing in the mirror!"

With results in hand, Brandon was ready to share. Again, Isagenix and his Team were there to support him and ensure that his hard work led to success. "I have now helped dozens of people with their fitness and financial goals. Isagenix and my Team are absolutely amazing and have become some of my best friends."

"At 24 years old, I m looking forward to the future now more than ever. I know I m on this journey with both an amazing company and amazing people who can do anything."
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