Team Call

Team FUN in New Orleans !
An Isa-Entreprenneur Musician and two Fitness Professionals ~ Teamed up, Challenged themselves and each other and were Rewarded with healthy renewed energy, lowered stress and amazing success in achieving their wellness goals ~ all while helping others and having FUN !
Meet Pete Kaufmann, Jenny Knox and Trennesse Mosley
Pete Kaufmann would never have believed how much his life could change in just 5 short years.

Going from a struggling professional drummer in New Jersey, to moving with his wife Wendy to their dream home in New Orleans. All thanks to their growing Isagenix business.

"This business has allowed me total financial and artistic freedom. I play music as much as I want, without having to worry about income. I LOVE THAT."

Pete and Wendy have spent the past 2 years actively building their team in New Orleans. Their mission ~ "to build a positive and healthy culture while having fun."

Pete met Jenny Knox and Trennesse Mosley at his fitness studio. Eventually, they joined together as a cleanse team and completed the IsaBody Challenge together ~ reminding Pete of how well the Isagenix System works, even after 5 years !

"I have to thank these two women for pushing me to become my best, even though I introduced them to Isagenix !"
Jenny Knox ~ AKA Ms. Awesome ~ was a 43-year old Fitness Trainer living a life of frustration and self-doubt.

"I was at the end of my rope with myself! I had gained a significant amount of weight. I was tired, had low energy, low self-esteem ~ and was embarrassed to be a trainer essentially living a lie !"

Even "working out like a beast" didn't help. She never achieved the results she wanted and always seemed to be getting sick or injured.

Although Jenny resisted Pete's suggestion to try the Isagenix System for over a year, Pete never gave up. When she did finally sign up for her first 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, she quickly saw the results she was looking for.

"I was completely sold and ALL IN! I joined my first IsaBody Challenge, decided to get serious about the business and push myself to be my best self !" Of course Ms. Awesome didn't stop there.

"After completing my first IsaBody Challenge, I signed right back up for my second! I've released 40 pounds, my self-esteem is up and I have enjoyed personal growth and development through the outstanding mentoring from my Isagenix Team-mates and Leaders."

With her amazing results, you can imagine how excited Jenny is to share her Isagenix discovery. "I want people to feel as amazing as I do! As a trainer, I know this system can help my clients reach their health and wellness goals !"
Trennesse Mosley ~ AKA Coach "T" ~ is a 56-year old grandmother and fitness professional. She too resisted Pete's encouragement to try Isagenix ~ wanting nothing to do with Network Marketing.

When she did join Jenny to try her first Isagenix 30-Day System, her motivation was different.

Although she also needed a solution to low energy and poor training results, Trennesse now saw Isagenix as a way to build a new stream of income to help accomplish her goal of opening her own fitness studio.

"If I was going to sell it, I had to believe in it", says Trennesse. She soon found that belief !

"A short period of time after starting my Isagenix Program I could feel the difference in my workouts. My sugar cravings stopped and I did not have to eat something sweet 4 or 5 times a day. The bloating and digestion issues I suffered from eased."

After releasing 19 pounds and 6" off her waistline, with her training and nutrition on point, Trennesse is convinced ~ and now loves sharing her nutritional cleansing story with others.

"I'm known for my running and fitness classes, but now everyone wants to know how I slimmed down, gained muscle and improved my running times. Now I'm working to build my Isagenix Team ~ to help replace the income from my full-time and side jobs and enjoy the freedom to coach and teach in my own studio."
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